Through our involvement with the now well established Alpaca Association of Ireland, we host veterinary courses focusing on alot of the aspects of Alpaca management on our purpose built studio. These courses allow you access to great resources and, of course, allow for hands on experience with the Alpacas themselves. All our Alpacas are registered with the AAI and we encourage all visitors to only buy registered Alpacas and to also join the association. These workshops are an invaluable tool for you to gain confidence in both your basic knowledge of the Alpacas themselves and in your confidence in handling them.

We offer advice on the practical aspects of Alpaca farming from farm layout to field shelters, feed requirements to fencing. We can also offer Agistment should you not be in a position to home your Alpacas for a while, we will mind them for you as our own until such time as you're ready to embark on your own Alpaca journey. 

Spin a Yarn at Hushabye Farm

08 Feb 2020  to  08 Feb 2020

10:00 - 16:30

Hushabye Farm

Spend a day learning the ancient craft of hand spinning with Trish Kerr of Irish Alpaca Yarns..

Alpaca Workshops - Hushabye Farm

Why not join us for one of our many Alpaca experiences.. 

Who knows, you might even take some home with you one day