Stud Males

Choosing a stud male to enhance your breeding is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your Alpaca herd. A well bred male can layer up your breeding by adding alot of qualities to the offspring they sire.Conformation, fleece quality and temperament are just some of these. We offer both drive by and mobile matings on all our stud males. The cost of the latter being more expensive and incurring costs of approx 0.70cent/mile. Feel free to contact us for a quotation on your chosen herd sire.

"Alpacas from award winning bloodlines with genetics to enhance any breeding programme"...

That's the Hushabye Farm attitude to breeding. 

Breed for quality not quantity..

Traits to consider when choosing the right Herd Sire.. fleece qualities, conformation and temperament.

Check out the National Show results, see how their progeny have performed in the show ring. The proof of any stud male is in the progeny they produce.. 

When it comes to breeding stock.. 

'what you begin with, is what you end up with.' 

Choose carefully. The measure of any good stud male is in his progeny and how well they develop. All our stud males have a great collection of coloured offspring available to view here at Hushabye Farm Alpacas.

We would encourage you to visit our herd before making any breeding decisions and see what we have to offer. Get hands on with our Alpacas, study their behaviour, their temperament and conformation. Get inside that fleece and see if the quality you're looking for is there. We're happy to help you through that process so any decision you do make is an informed one. 

Seeing is believing..