Pet Males

Male Alpacas that aren't being used for breeding are often sold in pairs or as a trio for a variety of reasons.. They make great pets as they are very docile and all are halter trained in advance of leaving our farm. They are great as therapy animals too, working well at Nursing Homes and schools for children and young people with special needs. Sheep farmers are having great success with Alpacas as flock guards, they being instinctively very protective of new born lambs against fox and grey crow attacks. They are used in country house estates as beautiful backdrops for wedding photos and guest interaction. Also, as lawnmowers, in the garden or in those hard to reach areas like orchards and hilly terrain.

Because our herd is so friendly, well handled and, if I say so myself, stonkingly handsome, our pet males get sold very quickly. Feel free to make contact and, if at all possible, we can reserve some of our boys for you so you won't be disappointed.. 

We currently have a selection of males ready to release in April 2021