Alpacas for Sale

While we often display a selection of Alpacas for sale, we can often have others for sale but not yet added to our sales list. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information.

Here at Hushabye Farm we have a wide range of starter herds available to help your alpaca dream become a reality or some real proven quality to add to your existing herd. 

From a complete novice starting out on their alpaca journey to the more experienced alpaca breeder, we aim to offer you both advice and support to ensure that any purchases that you make are the correct ones for you.

Here at Hushabye Farm Alpacas, we're more than happy to help people get started and, going forward, give ongoing support in helping you make the best breeding decisions using our selection of stud males. 

All prices quoted are exclusive of vat.

We offer practical, hands-on alpaca husbandry and management tuition to ensure that you leave with both confidence and knowledge on how to look after your Alpacas... 

We release a variety of options by way of starter herds every year so we have always something to suit your needs and budget.

From weanlings to pregnant females, pet boys to stud males, there's something for everyone here at Hushabye Farm Alpacas.

As Alpacas cannot be sold on their own, a minimum of two  Alpacas is the ideal starter herd, though with three the herd dynamic is better. 

Advice on farm layout, fencing and paddock arrangements, feeding regimes and husbandry calendars are all part of your pre-purchase package.

Thereafter, on-going support and advice when you get your Alpacas home is essential. We'll be with you every step of the way as you encounter all the various elements of your first year in Alpaca farming.

All breeding Alpacas sold here at Hushabye Farm come with the following as standard.. 

All are AAI registered, most are BAS registered. 

All come with a veterinary health certificate.

All pregnant females come with a live cria guarantee. 

All come with Alpaca Husbandry handover pack including vaccination regimes 

Continued after sales support and encouragement 

All prices quoted are exclusive of vat.