Attendees Impressed at Alpaca Workshop

   15 Jun 2019

A comprehensive one day course hosted by Camelid specialist Sarah Caldwell focuses on cria care and development

What an incredible day we had with approx 30 like minded individuals turning up at Hushabye Farm for a comprehensive Alpaca Husbandry Workshop hosted in conjunction with the Alpaca Association of Ireland. 

As always, Sarah had prepared well in advance and delivered a very educational course on Alpaca postnatal care and cria development. All attendees were very enthusiastic and engaged well with the course making for a very informal feel to the whole experience. As well as the theory part to the course held in the company of Alpaca - Extraordinaire "Dakota" in the Alpaca Den, we also had a great opportunity to move down the yard after lunch for some hands on experience with the Alpacas themselves, some practical work and an utterly humbling experience of a post-mortem examination. Huge thanks to Sarah and her travelling team, Tracey and EvieEvie,  for making it a very memorable day. 

Everyone had great reviews and we gathered all their opinions afterwards to help fine tune workshops in the future. 

Apart from the educational value attached to these days, it's also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with other AAI members, people with similar interests and bounce some ideas, questions and concerns pertaining to Alpaca farming off. 

Needless to say, the food was fab too. Thanks to Liz in the Hushabye Farm Catering hub for her efforts.