Shearing Day

   25 Jun 2019

Just in time for the expected rise in tempertures, our shearing crew arrived for what is undoubtedly the busiest day of the year,

Having had to house all the alpacas due to torrential downpours the evening before there was a collective sigh of relief when shearing day dawned both dry and warm. With a warm spell predicted we were delighted to be able to relieve the alpacas of their dense fleece. 

As expected, some of the alpacas were more vocal than others at displaying their displeasure at the process and there was the occasional sit-down protest, but overall it was a great day and with all hands on deck we had them shorn and back out in the fields in no time..

It was very much the team effort and everybody done their bit. Melani, from Denmark, Joe from Clare, all the kids, the Shearco team from NZ all played a part to make the day a massive success