Hushabye Farm - Farm Visit

Hushabye Farm - Farm Visit

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The Hushabye Farm Alpaca experience includes meet and greet and opportunity to immerse yourself in all things Alpaca.

Visitors are encouraged to engage with the Alpacas, ask those all important questions and gain as much knowledge as possible in a comprehensive 2 hour hands-on  Alpaca experience. Remember, there's no such thing as a silly question. 

There will be an opportunity to feed the alpacas, take them for a walk and, of course, take that all important selfie.... 

More importantly, it's an opportunity to see a working Alpaca Stud farm in action, take a look at the infrastructure, the fencing and field shelters. See how we care for the herd, study the feeding regime and husbandry routine. In short, take a crash course in Alpaca farming to see if its for you. Does they suit your lifestyle, your budget, your premises. If you were to invest in Alpacas, what alterations would you need to make, what additions do you need to make to your farm to accommodate your new herd etc. What, if any, alterations do you need to make to your time, your weekly routine etc. All very important questions to ask before you ever get Alpacas..