Spin a Yarn at Hushabye Farm

Spin a Yarn at Hushabye Farm

Spin a Yarn at Hushabye Farm

Price:   € 80 inc. VAT


Spinning with Trish Kerr
The age old art of spinning is brought to life by Trish Kerr.

If you are a complete beginner or a dab hand at this craft you are more than welcome to join us at our spinning workshops.

These spinning workshops have the unique advantage of meeting the animal whose fleece you are spinning.

Spend a day learning the wonderful craft of Spinning with Trish Kerr

10am - 16.00pm - Workshop space

Spinning workshops are an opportunity to hands on experience with the Hushabye Farm Alpaca fleece.

The Workshop is open to spinners at all levels of experience and create opportunity to hone your skills in this ancient craft.

Refreshments available all day.

Light lunch included. (inform of any dietary requirements)

Opportunity to meet the Hushabye Farm herd.